Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Music Blogs

Since I am being a tool and not posting frequently, I may as well direct you to other music blogs.

Here are my favorite (and I'm a pheen)

They are kind of in order
Solo blog by Prince Of Ballard of the left coast. Look here for awesome original hip-hop remixes, funk, soul, and photography (lots of skiing for this producer). Updated almost every other day.
Group blog starring DJ Captain Planet A.K.A Chuck Wild of the Beatards. Original remixes here. Hip-hop, brazilian, world-music, funk, nearly everything. Chuck Wild is a world traveling, crate-digging, djing, remixing, rapping/singing (not sure, never seen the Beatards perform, but will soon) music blogger. His remix of Erykah Badu's Cleva blew my mind. He made a totally different and original song.
Funk, Soul, Retro-Soul, Jazz-Funk, Hip-Hop. Updated nearly every day. This is probably the most popular of the blogs here. DJ O-Dub even makes legitimate reissue CDs. They're must have. Google "Johnny Guitar Watson - Lovin' You"
This group-blog is all over the place. Hip-Hop, Indie-Rock, album reviews of obscure bands, electro remixes, top 40 and underground hip-hop. Has everything and keeps me abreast of what everyone but me already knows about. Updated nearly everyday if not more than once daily.
Crate-digger extrodinare. Only vinyl rips on this site. Nothing released in the last 20 years will be found here. Extensive archives of funk mixes that can be downloaded as separate tracks in a .zip file. Introduced me to Bobby "Blue" Bland, and obscure cats like Diamond Joe (See his song Fair Play for some spine shivers).
If I was forced to listen to all the electro remixes on the site I might try to kill myself. Thankfully listening to them all is not compulsory. AND...the Sampled feature on this site is really great and archived for your convenience. And I dig some electro remixes.
This is a music/literature blog. Themed posts of just about any type of music with accompanying original writing. Updated frequently.

Is that how you spell pheen?