Friday, January 30, 2009

long time, no post

OK. I am going to give you all something meaty since I have not posted in quite a bit. In my nomadic travels through the music blogosphere I came upon dj b.cause and his edit of a Marvelettes song. The song mixes the Marvelettes song Too Many Fish In The Sea with the instrumental from the De La Soul Song Ooh Feat. Redman.

Too many fish in the sea
- Marvelettes (b.cause Ooh edit)

Too many fish in the sea
- Marvelettes

Ooh - De La Soul featuring Redman

Besides being dope as hell I like the concept of sampling rap instrumental that are, themselves, full of samples. The De La Soul track ooh contains some guitar and vocals from the oft sampled Lee Dorsey.

Greatest Love - Lee Dorsey
Lee Dorsey is the man. If you don't know, check out his song A Lover Was Born, possibly his most sampled song next to the drum break from Get Out Of My Life Woman. Prince of Ballard has A Lover Was Born posted over at his blog in addition to a remix of Kanye's Get 'em high that skillfully employs the Lover Was Born break. Too really check out how instrumental Lee Dorsey has been in hip hop check out There are too many great Lee Dorsey songs to mention here. Later.

For some reason I came upon the classic Lou Reed song Walk on the Wild Side last night. With b.cause in mind a made a super-simple edit that puts the break from the A Tribe Called Quest song
Can I Kick it

over Walk On The Wild Side from which the bass line was taken for the ATCQ song. The Can I Kick it? drum break was taken from the Lonnie Smith song
Spinning Wheel.

I do not have much to say about Lonnie Smith.
Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side (dj sunshine super-simple reverse engineering edit)


On a mostly unrelated note, I made an edit of an awesome Joe Bataan song Gypsy Woman. It is more of functional edit than an artistic or creative edit. By this I mean that the main purpose of the edit is to make the song more danceable. I believe I discovered Gypsy Woman over at In any case, dj O-Dub was definitely the one to introduce me to Bataan, who he has been pushing hard over at soul-sides.
Joe Bataan - Gypsy Woman (dj sunshine edit)

Can you guess what was sampled? I doubt it.

"ha, she smokes pot, ha, she smokes pot!"
This remix is dedicated to my friend's mom.

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The Prince of Ballard said...

good shit.

shoot me an email and i will send you a bunch of b.cause stuff.

Erica said...

Friend's mom. hilarious ....