Thursday, January 8, 2009


OK. So, I've been really into disco lately. I'm getting curious looks from people who thought they knew me.
Before I began DJing I did not really know any dance music. I was an expert on great soul music you never heard of and weird spoken word records that only someone with wayyyy too much time on their hands would listen to. At some point, when I started to enjoy dancing (ahem, be quiet, I don't care if you enjoy me dancing) my musical tastes went in the same direction. I got fed up with Bukowski and Vonnegut (do not buy man without a country---save yourself the dissapointment). I got fed up with florida funk (okay, I actually really like do right man by Sam Baker, but many underground soul/funk artists never made it for good reason).
I have not thrown these old things away, I've just widened my horizons a bit.

In testament to the aforementioned is an instrumental disco/funk track I made tonight that will hopefully feature a vocalist in the near future.

Manny Duran Disco - Mr Sunshine

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