Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Saturdays @ Bar Reis

This is a weekly event. Set starts around 8:30-9pm and goes 'till 2am or later.
I'll play soul, reggae, funk, and hip-hop and disco....pop ----current, classics and rarities.

Come, get down, go to all-night diner after.

Venue: Bar Reis is on 5th Avenue between 5th St and 6th St in Park Slope.
The bar has two floors. Upstairs, a long wooden bar and downstairs, a lounge with a pool table and dancefloor? (that depends on you). There is also a backyard with picnic tables for you smokers and polar bears.

This week's top 5
1. Checkmates Ltd - Got 2 See You Soon
2. Talib Kweli - Hot Thing (Produced by
3. Dawn Penn - No no no
4. Nickodemus & Quantic - Mi Swing Es Tropical
5. Erykah Badu - Cleva (Captain Planet Remix)

I'm trying to think up some sort of promo for this week.
I had two ideas:
1. Give out a free ep with your second drink
2. Free dum dums

Ideas people?


Below is a track of mine from a few years ago. Can you identify the horn sample?
The title is a hint.


Dj Sunshine


reino said...

something Benny goodmany?

theodorebecker said...

oohh...very close reino...I'm guessing you already saw the answer. Dorsey - Song of India. I really like the faux ethnic jazz. Y'know, songs named after a country that sound nothing like music from there...a sort of made up orientalism. Anyway, makes for good music most of the time.